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Renovating May 17
by Macy

3 Reasons To Get A New HVAC System When Renovating

May is the most popular month to renovate your home! When renovating, you might wonder what you can add or change to your home that will improve your quality of living. While you are renovating, consider upgrading the HVAC system! With a new HVAC system, you cannot only see the benefits, but you can feel them. Here are the top three reason to get a new HVAC system when renovating your home: 

Heating and Cooling Requirements

There are certain heating and cooling requirements when it comes to your home. The number of windows, electrical items, space and furniture all have to do with the proper amount of heating and cooling needed. If you are renovating and adding or removing a room or large space, you will want to take that into account when it comes to your AC. Same thing with windows, if you have lots of windows you are naturally going to receive the outdoor heat making your home warmer.

It is a good idea to do a walkthrough of the home after renovating to identify these things that can hinder your AC. 

When you upgrade your system, it will not have to work as hard to properly heat or cool your home. Especially if you get the perfect size unit for your home and amenities, you will be able to feel the difference without seeing an increase in your energy bills. 

While you are renovating your home, it will be a good idea to renovate your HVAC system by upgrading to an energy efficient system! The Chill Brothers are offering their $2,000 Buy Back Program where they will buy back your qualifying system for up to $2,000 when you upgrade! Visit the website or call the professionals for more information. 

Level of Cooling/Heating With More Occupants 

Sometimes when people renovate their homes, it is to make more room for other people in the home. An older HVAC system might not cool the home completely, leaving hotspots that are not comfortable. Especially with more people in the home, they will be generating more heat causing the space to become warmer. Depending on the amount of occupants in the home, you will want to upgrade your AC to ensure that the home will remain cool and ideal. 

If you are not sure what kind of system will fit your home best, then contact the professionals at The Chill Brothers! They serve many areas including AC repair Spring

Air Flow 

With more extreme renovations, you can unintentionally change the direction of the air flow. When this happens you will want to upgrade and modify your ventilation system. If you don’t change the ventilation, you will not have the correct amount of air flow to keep your home at the desired temperature.

Not only will the temperature be altered, but you might experience stagnant air. This is due to the air not being able to flow throughout the home properly. 

When the ventilation system is disrupted, it can be a pain to fix. That is why whenever you renovate your home, it is recommended to call the experts at The Chill Brothers to make sure your HVAC system is capable of providing comfort for your home. 

Additional Benefits

There are many other benefits to upgrading your HVAC system when renovating your home such as:

  • Better indoor air quality
  • Decrease energy bills
  • Accurate home temperature 
  • Allergen free air 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are the benefits of using a professional air conditioning repair service in Houston?

A. Professional AC Repair in Houston offer a variety of benefits that make them an ideal choice for homeowners and businesses alike. From providing reliable, cost-effective repair solutions to offering expert advice on the best AC systems for your home or business, professional air conditioning repair services can help you get the most out of your cooling system.

Q.2 How often should commercial HVAC systems be serviced?

A. Commercial HVAC services are critical components of any business, providing essential climate control and air quality. To ensure that these systems remain in optimal working condition, regular maintenance is required. It is recommended that commercial HVAC systems be serviced at least twice a year to ensure they are running efficiently and safely.

Q.3 How long does it typically take to complete an HVAC repair service in Spring, TX?

A. HVAC Repair Services in Spring, TX can be completed quickly and efficiently, depending on the complexity of the problem. The amount of time it takes to complete a repair job can vary from a few hours to several days. It is important to have an experienced technician assess the situation before beginning any work.

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