3 Signs Your HVAC System Is Not Energy Efficient
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Heating Maintenance Checklist Jan 25
by Macy

3 Signs Your HVAC System Is Not Energy Efficient

HVAC System Is Not Energy Efficient? Discover Troubleshooting Tips and Solutions to Improve Efficiency and Save on Energy Bills Today!
Having an energy efficient HVAC system can be extremely beneficial. It can help reduce energy bills and create better quality heating and cooling. It is important to know the signs of a system that is not energy efficient. At The Chill Brothers, we strive to get everyone the best quality air by upgrading their system to an energy efficient one. Here are four signs your HVAC system is not energy efficient: 

Excessive Amount of Humidity

One of the main purposes of an energy efficient HVAC system is to cool your home and remove moisture. When a system is not working effectively, it can cause a large amount of humidity build up in your home. This can result in lower air quality and creates an uncomfortable environment. More specifically, humidity control comes from the coils in the HVAC system. These evaporator coils collect moisture and remove it through the drain pan. If the coils are dirty or damaged, they may not collect as much moisture as they are supposed to. 

If you are experiencing a large amount of humidity, your system may not be as efficient as it needs to be. We offer many HVAC repair services in Spring, TX. 

Higher Energy Bills

The biggest sign that a system is no longer energy efficient, is when you start to see higher energy bills. When your system is struggling to work properly, it will take twice the amount of energy to continue to run at the same output. When your energy bills get high, it would be worthwhile to meet with a comfort expert from The Chill Brothers to discuss potentially upgrading your system.

By upgrading your system, you could potentially cut your energy bills in half! Additionally, for qualifying systems, we offer our buy-back program where we will buy your old system for up to $2,000 when you upgrade with The Chill Brothers. 

Frequent Repairs

A clear sign that your system is not running effectively is having frequent repairs or breakdowns. When a system is requiring multiple repairs right after each other, it may be facing the end of its cycle. At this point, it would be beneficial to upgrade your system and go without the constant repairs. Pairing your new system with our Chill Maintenance Plan, you will be prepared for all the temperature conditions as well as security with your system to keep your system running at its full potential. 

Call The Chill Brothers

If you suspect that your system is not energy efficient or has experienced the signs above, then call The Chill Brothers for a free assessment. We have flexible financing as well as great deals that you can’t pass up! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Are there any potential risks associated with installing an air conditioner?

A. Air conditioner installation in your home or office space can provide great comfort and convenience. However, it is essential to be aware of the potential risks that come with installing an air conditioner. These risks include the potential for electrical hazards, water damage, and inadequate insulation. Additionally, improper installation can lead to increased energy costs and inefficient cooling performance.

Q. What are the steps involved in installing a smart thermostat?

A. Smart thermostats are becoming increasingly popular in homes and businesses due to their convenience and energy-saving potential. Installing a smart thermostat is more straightforward than it may seem, especially when you have the correct information and know the steps involved.

Q. Are there any health benefits to using a Lennox air purification system?

A. Clean air is essential for our health and well-being, and a Lennox air purification system can help you achieve this. It uses advanced technology to remove airborne pollutants from your home, allowing you to breathe easier and enjoy better overall health. In addition to providing clean air, a Lennox system also helps reduce allergens in the home, which can help alleviate the symptoms of allergies in some people.

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