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Thermostat Nov 14
by Macy

5 Things to Know About SEER Ratings


You may have heard the term “SEER” before when talking about air conditioners. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and is the core rating when it comes to knowing your HVAC’s effectiveness. It is important to know what the different levels of SEER are and what it means for your HVAC system. Here are 5 things to know about SEER ratings: 

What are SEER Ratings? 

SEER ratings work by calculating its overall cooling output. In shorter terms, it calculates how much your system is cooling your home. A lower SEER rating means that your system is not effectively cooling your home, and a high SEER means that the system is working to its fullest potential, pulling the hot air from your home. 

The Different Levels

The SEER rating scale has many levels and they all mean many things:

  • 13-16 SEER ratings is the baseline for efficiency. This means your system is working at the basic level. 
  • 16-18 SEER rating is mid level. 
  • 18-21 SEER rating is the best rating you can get. This means your system is efficiently running and providing the best quality service. 

Here at The Chill Brothers, we strive to get our customers the best systems, which is why we only install systems with mid to high ratings. 

Benefits of a High SEER Rating 

SEER ratings measure how effective your system is, but what are the benefits of a system with a high rating? There are many benefits including:

  • Environment friendly 
  • Energy savings
  • Rebates
  • Removes moisture better

According to ac repair conroe, most people find that upgrading their system to a higher SEER rating improves their quality of air and helps lower energy bills. 

How Do I Know My Systems SEER Rating? 

To find what rating your system has, the first thing is to locate a yellow sticker on the system itself. If you do not have a yellow sticker, then look for the manufacturer label. There you should find an energy guide that lists what rating the system falls under. It is also important to note that with time, the SEER rating decreases. If your system is newer, the rating is most likely accurate, but if the system is older than 12 years, you can expect the SEER rating to be lower than what is listed on the sticker. 

Why is it Important? 

SEER ratings are incredibly important when it comes to air conditioning. Not only does it show how the system is effectively working, but it can also increase the value of your home, cut your energy bills in half and overall produce air of better quality. Now, most realty companies or HVAC producers require their systems to have a specific SEER rating. 

Not sure what SEER rating your system has? Call the Chill Brothers today to get your free assessment! 

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Where can I calculate my SEER rating

A. In order to calculate your system’s SEER rating, you can use our SEER rating calculator! This is an easy way for you to determine where your system falls under.

Q. What do I do if my system has a low SEER rating?

A. If your system does not have a desired rating, the best thing you can do is to upgrade your system. By upgrading, you will receive a system of an accurate rating and will see many benefits that will come with it. The Chill Brothers affordable ac services that can help you get the best service possible. 


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