Preparing AC Unit for Winter In 2023
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Extend the Lifespan of Your HVAC System Jan 27
by Macy

Are you Properly Prepping your AC Unit for Winter?

Preparing AC Unit for Winter: Essential Tips for Seasonal Maintenance. Ensure Optimal Performance with Exact KW Recommendations. Stay Ahead of the Cold!

It’s officially Winter, which means you may be wondering how the harsh weather can affect your outdoor air conditioning unit. There are many things you can do to prepare your unit for cold temperatures such as cleaning/inspecting the unit, covering it with a barrier and routine maintenance. 

Unplug the System

It is important to know that if you are performing any maintenance or cleaning of your HVAC system, you should turn it off completely. This will prevent any power from possibly electrocuting you. This will also allow you to properly inspect, clean or cover the unit without any harm. 

We always recommend you hire a professional such as The Chill Brothers for your residential and commercial needs.


The outside unit can collect many things such as leaves, dirt and other debris. You can use a broom to remove loose debris such as leaves, twigs and dried dirt off of the system. Then, you may need to use a water hose to wash off harder debris off the system such as mud, hard dirt and bird droppings. 

When you properly clean the unit, it can prevent unwanted clogs or breakdowns. By doing this in the Winter, it can help protect the system from severe temperatures and weather. 


When the power is off and the outside unit is clean, you can then start the inspection process. There are many things you can look for including cracks or rust in the casing and leaks and other unusual things on the unit. If you find any of these on your system, call the professionals at The Chill Brothers! We offer many maintenance plans and inspection services to make sure your system is working to its full potential. 

Check Insulation on Pipes

When inspecting, it is vital to check all the insulation on the pipes. There should be foam coverings on all the pipes. This will help the pipes not freeze during the Winter. You do not want to see any exposed copper tubing. 


Especially with Winter, you will want to cover the outside unit with either a waterproof plastic cover or even a blanket to prevent the unit from freezing. Both of these can prevent cracks, protect the unit and insulate it when the temperatures drop. They also make specific covers for HVAC systems that would work as well. No matter what kind of covering is used, make sure it is secure by using bungee cords or ropes to make sure it does not blow away or come apart. 

The Chill Brothers serve many areas, including HVAC repair Houston, Tx. Call us for all of your HVAC solutions! 

Schedule Regular Maintenance

When the weather gets harsh, it can negatively affect your HVAC system. Without the proper preparation and preventative measures, your system could break or completely shut down. With the proper care, you can ensure that your system is ready to battle the cold temperatures. Call the experts at The Chill Brothers to help you with all your HVAC needs, including regular maintenance and inspections.

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