Cheap Ways to Keep Cool this Spring in 2023
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by Macy

Cheap Ways to Keep Cool this Spring

Discover The Chill Brothers’ Cheap Ways to Keep Cool! Stay Refreshed and Save Money with Affordable Cooling Techniques. Get Cool Today!
Spring heat can get the best of us, especially in Texas. With having your air conditioner running non-stop, people often worry about how it will affect their energy bills. When you have an energy efficient HVAC system, you will be able to keep cool while keeping your electricity bills down. However, there are some cheap ways to keep cool alongside your AC. 

Check the Air Filters

You will want to make sure that you are changing your air filters regularly. When a filter goes without a proper replacement, it can cause the system to work twice as hard and pull more electricity to cool your home. Not only that, but it will allow dust and other particles to circulate throughout your home. 

Having the perfect indoor air quality is important. With the help of air scrubbers, UV lights and regular filter changes, you can create healthier air in your home. The Chill Brothers offer a variety of solutions for air purification! View the website or give them a call for more details. 

Inspect Your House for Leaks and Cracks 

One of the main causes of high energy bills is hidden cracks in your home. These can be on the windows, around the doors frame or even within the ductwork. These cracks allow the cold air generated by your system to escape.

This issue makes the system think that the home isn’t properly cooling so it causes the unit to produce more cool air, increasing your energy bills. It is recommended to do a walkthrough of your home and identify any leaks and fill them. 

Use Fans

On cooler days where you just need a little breeze, you can use a fan. Even though a fan won’t cool you like an HVAC system, it can help with some of the heat. You can easily use the fan on the ceilings, or floor fans. While fans can help alleviate some of the heat, it will also circulate the air making the home seem less stuffy. 

Fans can be used for short term solutions, but they won’t do the job forever. If you are worried about cooling your home without increasing your electricity bills, you may want to consider upgrading to an energy efficient HVAC system!

Right now, The Chill Brothers are offering their buy – back program where they will buy your old, qualifying HVAC system for up to $2,000* when you upgrade! Visit the website for more details. 

Utilize Windows and Blinds

When the hot sun blares down, it can quickly heat your home. If you want to save extra money on your electricity bill, you can invest in blinds or blackout curtains to prevent the sunlight from entering your home. If you use blinds or curtains in addition to running the AC, it will decrease energy bills as the unit won’t have to work so hard to combat the heat from the sun. 

Invest in an HVAC Maintenance Plan 

Even if you do all the tips and tricks to keep cool, you may still be paying a lot in energy bills. This means that your HVAC system is not energy efficient and it may be time to invest in a maintenance plan. With a maintenance plan, experts will come out and make sure your unit is ready to take on the heat. 

If you are interested in an HVAC plan, consider The Chill Brothers Preventative Maintenance Plan

Reduce Appliance Use 

Aside from your HVAC system, other appliances that produce heat can alter your energy bills. When other appliances are on and produce heat, it makes the HVAC system work harder to keep up cooling the home. Appliances such as the stove, oven, dryer or dishwasher can produce a large amount of heat within the home. It is a good idea to reduce the usage of these appliances during the day time and keep an eye out for how much warmth they give off. 

Let The Chill Brothers Help You 

At the end of the day, if you are worried about staying cool without having high energy bills, let The Chill Brothers help you! They offer many HVAC solutions and are trained to make sure your home is cool and comfortable, without increasing your electricity bills. Give them a call today or visit the website for more information! 

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