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The Chill Brothers Team.

employee of the month joel Dec 2
by Macy

Chill Brother of the Month – Joel Stewart


We would like to recognize Joel Stewart, Executive Vice President of Sales, as Chill Brother of the month! Joel was a part of the starting team here at The Chill Brothers and oversees our sales. He enjoys traveling and seeing how the Chill Brothers can improve. 

Take a deep dive into who Joel is and his story with The Chill Brothers. 

How did The Chill Brothers Start?

“It all started with Brennan Mulcahy, the CEO. He contacted me and let me know that he was going to start a business, working with Andrew Schnieder as well, who I worked with in the past. I was very fond of working with them and I believed in what they could accomplish. They presented a really good business plan and it made sense to join the HVAC industry. It seemed like a good opportunity and so I decided to move to Texas and become a part of the growth. And here we are two years later, in the top 5% of Lennox dealers in North America and a Home Depot partnership. It’s been fun and I can’t wait to take over the HVAC space.”

 What is Your Daily Routine?

“Everyday changes, there is definitely a variety of things to do. The main things I do are to work with the sales team. So lots of sales training, HVAC training and helping them develop their skills. I work with the leadership team, and get them prepared for The Chill Brothers scale. We work with lead coordination and customer service to make sure we are serving our customers well and effectively. Those are the main things I will do everyday.”

How Have You Seen the Team Grow?

“We have grown. It’s been a couple of years, and we started with just one sales person. Now we have grown to over 40 salesmen, 4 lead coordinators. The team has grown amazingly and I am really proud of what we all have accomplished. 

What Do You Love about Working with The Chill Brothers?

“I would say the constant learning. The HVAC industry is competitive, and there are a lot of companies in Houston and that tests us everyday to continue to be better, treat our customers better and to be able to grow the business.”

What Motivates You?

“The team motivates me. I find when it comes to the coaching of sales people, that seems to be my biggest driving factor. I love working with these people everyday and to see their growth. I get a lot of joy seeing people succeeding. 

What Makes the Chill Brothers Unique?

“I believe it is our approach to customers that makes us unique. Traditionally in the HVAC industry, a lot of customers would wait for their system to break down with lots of expensive repair bills and high energy bills. The Chill Brothers makes a different approach where we go and educate customers on upgrading early and using their energy savings and reducing energy bills. I think the way that we encourage early upgrading and energy savings is our biggest advantage.”

What Do You Do in Your Free Time?

“I like to travel. Recently we got a ‘schooly’ which is a converted school bus that’s an RV. We like to take it on trips here and there. When we have more time off, we like to get away and experience new places.”

How Would You Describe the Work Environment? 

“I would say it’s positive. We pride ourselves on having a positive work environment but also being goal oriented. We like to set targets and go get them in a positive way.”

What is Your Favorite Memory from Working with The Chill Brothers?

“It might be the first sale. It’s a pretty funny story. It was our very first appointment for The Chill Brothers, and our competitor was actually in the home. I was a bit nervous, but we ended up earning the business on our first sale. The memory will stay with me for quite a while.”

What Does the Future Look Like for The Chill Brothers?

“We have some pretty big goals for the future. There is expansion happening in Dallas, which means we need to develop more sales leaders to run that expansion. We also believe we will open three new sales offices in 2023. In order to do that, we need to continue to train our sales people to get the skills needed and continue to build our in house leadership. We focus a lot on organic growth models so it’s exciting to know that those people will be a part of the growth.”

Interested in learning more about Joel? Check out the full video!

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