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employee of the month michael Jan 2
by Macy

Chill Brother of the Month- Michael Stewart

We would like to recognize Michael Stewart, Assistant Territory Manager, as Chill Brother of the month! Michael loves the goal-oriented atmosphere of The Chill Brothers and creating new opportunities within the company. He also loves to travel and visit historical places. Take a deep dive into who Michael is and his story with The Chill Brothers. 

 How Did You Get Started with The Chill Brothers?

“I was actually online and was looking for a job and I found this one through Indeed.”

 What is Your Role? 

“My job is to take HVAC appointments, hire and train new employees and to coordinate between the install crews and the comfort experts.”

What Do You Love about Working with The Chill Brothers?

“I love working with The Chill Brothers because it is a great work environment and also because we have an organic growth model. It is really exciting because for people who come through the door, we actually train you up to become leaders within the company and potentially run your own Chill Brothers office.” 

What Stands Out About The Chill Brothers?

“One thing that really stands out to me is that the leaders actually care about your growth in the company and develop you to become a good salesman. 

What Motivates You?

“The one thing that really motivates me is my wife and kids at home. I really want to provide financial freedom for them.”

How Would You Describe The Chill Brothers?

“I would describe The Chill Brothers as a company that is very goal-oriented. We train, then we train and then train some more. We are constantly training to become better so we can reach the company goals as well as our personal goals.”     

What Do You Do in Your Free Time?

“One of the things I like to do in my free time is to travel. I love to see the world. I’m a big history nerd so I like to go places that have a lot of history to experience their culture and history.”

What is Your Favorite Memory from Working with The Chill Brothers?

“I don’t have one memory that stands out but I have a lot. Being able to go into people’s houses and get them approved for HVAC projects when they think they couldnt get approved is a really good feeling. I’ve had people cry, hug me and thank me profusely for being able to help them out.” 

What Do You Wish to Accomplish in the Future? 

“One of my goals with The Chill Brothers is to be running multiple offices and being a full regional manager of the Houston area.”

Interested in learning more about Michael? Check out the full video!

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