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by Olivia

How Often Does My Furnace Require Maintenance Service?

Your HVAC system should consistently provide the desired temperatures to ensure comfort in your home, especially during extreme weather conditions. When it’s cold, your furnace should give heat. One way to ensure this is through furnace maintenance services to avoid severe issues due to excess debris and unnoticed problems.

How often should you Service your Furnace?

A suitable time to service your furnace is during the fall. The reason is that the furnace has not been in use for some time, and you want to ensure it is in good working condition before winter sets in. Another ideal time to contact furnace maintenance services is in spring. This is after using the furnace for a long time. So, you can service your furnace twice a year, in the fall and spring.

Are Annual Furnace Inspections Necessary?

Furnace manufacturers propose yearly maintenance done by a qualified technician. Most warranties on furnaces state that damages sustained to the HVAC unit due to lack of frequent maintenance are not catered for in the warranty. During the annual visits or when you see water around furnace in summer, the technicians spot minor issues before escalating to something bigger. This is enough reason to keep your maintenance visits consistent.

Is a Furnace Tune-Up Worth It?

Furnace tune-ups are necessary for the general safety of your furnace. The furnace tune-up consists of a checklist covering essential maintenance care for your heating system. Furnace maintenance is done for the following services:

  • – It helps extend the service life of the heating system
  • – It allows the system to operate with improved energy efficiency saving you money on heating bills
  • – Enhances the heating system’s performance for improved indoor comfort
  • – Remedies minor issues to avert breakdowns during the summer
  • – Enhances the safety of the unit and risks to air quality


Although it may take time to schedule a tune-up, you should not miss this significant hvac annual maintenance.

How Long Does it Take to Service a Furnace?

Typically, furnace servicing takes one and a half to two hours. However, depending on the state of the furnace and the size of the home, the HVAC technician may require extra time to service the furnace fully.

A furnace service includes:

  • Examine and change air filters
  • Examine and clean heat exchange for blocking or cracks
  • Examine and clean flue pipes
  • Assess and ensure safety controls are in top working condition
  • Prepare a written report about the state of your furnace

What is done during HVAC Maintenance?

Every technician adheres to an individual checklist during furnace maintenance. However, some best services by reliable technicians include:

  • An inspection of the venting system for blockages, which includes a visual and a drat inspection
  • An assessment of carbon monoxide leakage through a combustion analysis to ensure your safety
  • A visual assessment of the heat exchanger and also with a combustion analysis
  • Safety switches testing to ensure they are working correctly and prevent overheating of the furnace and igniting a fire in the home
  • Check the burners for flame capability and ignition.
  • An inspection of the ignition device and flame sensor
  • Examine the combustion blower to rule out blockages hindering sufficient airflow
  • Inspection and cleaning of the drainage system
  • Wiring inspection to fend off corrosion
  • Check the gas pressure and temperature rise in the furnace.
  • Check filters for cleanliness and correct installation technique.


Schedule your Yearly Furnace Maintenance Today.
Now that you are informed about the significance of regular furnace maintenance, we invite you to contact Chill Brothers today for furnace repair in Tomball. Chill Brothers is a reliable HVAC repair in Cypress and 24-hour AC repair in Houston Area. Our company is to offer the best indoor air quality for American families. As your home’s HVAC services provider, we guarantee the following:

  • Two annual  service calls
  • 10% off filter replacements
  • Reduced rates on repairs
  • Urgent emergency service
  • No overtime labor rates

Scheduling annual maintenance with the Chill maintenance plan will make you rest easy with a guarantee that your furnace is running appropriately. If any issues arise, we will let you know and fix them immediately to avoid encountering unexpected breakdowns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. What Are Common Reasons Furnaces Break Down?

A. There are many possible reasons why it might stop working but the good news is that there are just as many fixes that can get it up and running again quickly. Faulty thermostats, clogged vents, aged units, dust and dirt buildup, faulty wiring & faulty fan motor are some of the common reasons furnaces break down.

Q. How Frequently Do Furnaces Break Down?

A. Furnaces break down often due to many factors like the furnace’s age, humidity, temperature, and more. Once a furnace breaks down, it is usually costly and time-consuming to repair. It is essential to fix your furnace regularly to have access to affordable home heating. The average furnace will need to be replaced every 15 to 20 years.

Q. How often should I have my HVAC system serviced?

A. The HVAC system is very complex and made up of multiple parts. It is recommended that you schedule two tune-ups in a year, or if your furnace is 15 years old, you should have it serviced more often. Maintaining HVAC systems can get difficult sometimes and professional service can help there. Read our AC repair & maintenance guide to know more.

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