How to Find Optimal Sleep Temperature in 2023
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Be Thermostat Smart Dec 26
by Macy

How to Find Optimal Sleep Temperature

Especially in Texas, we can experience harsh temperature changes. These drastic changes can often lead us trying to find the perfect temperature in our home for sleeping. To find the optimal sleep temperature, it will depend on the person and how effective their HVAC system is at regulating a specific temperature. At The Chill Brothers, we offer specialized HVAC repair services in Spring, Texas to ensure that everyone is able to sleep comfortably with the perfect temperature for them. 

Heat vs Cooling During Sleep

Excessive amounts of heat or cold can negatively affect sleeping patterns. With too much heat, the body has a hard time falling asleep unlike with too much cooling, the body has a hard time staying asleep, which is why finding the perfect temperature is important. Especially if your HVAC system is not working at its highest potential, it can lead to inaccurate temperatures that can affect your sleep. 

It is best to try out certain temperatures to see what would work best for you. Even if you change the temperature by two degrees, it can make a world of a difference. Also be aware of the changing temperatures outside as this can affect how often or how much you change the temperate on the thermostat. 

Regulating Temperatures

When it comes to HVAC projects, most people say they tend to have issues regulating temperatures at night. People often say that they get too cold or too hot when trying to sleep. When you turn the air down to 67-69 degrees, this will help you fall asleep and stay asleep longer. If your home is set at 72 degrees for the whole day, then down to 67 at night, it can seem too cold for your liking.

However, studies have shown that when you sleep a couple degrees colder than normal, it can increase certain sleep hormones that will allow you to have better sleep. It is important to have an effective HVAC system that can handle changing the temperatures in your home. Paired with a smart thermostat, you can expect your home and sleep to significantly improve. 

With a smart thermostat, it gives you the freedom to change your air temperature on your mobile device. This means you can change the temperature anywhere and everywhere- including your bed! At The Chill Brothers we can update your thermostat to a smart thermostat and you can expect to feel better quality air, all at your fingertips. 

HVAC Tune-Up

At the end of the day, if you are still struggling to find your optimal sleep temperature, you may need an HVAC tune-up. When older systems are constantly running, they can slow down and create an inaccurate temperature in your home.(Maybe Add here about leaking ducts/ improper duct work) Not only that, but older ductwork can have leaks that let all the warm or cold air out. Contact The Chill Brothers for an HVAC tune-up so you can worry less, and sleep more!

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