How to Prevent Bugs from Coming Through the HVAC Unit
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How to Prevent Bugs from Coming Through the HVAC Unit Mar 3
by Macy

How to Prevent Bugs from Coming Through the HVAC Unit?

Keep Bugs at Bay: How to Prevent Bugs from Coming Through the HVAC Unit. Learn Effective Strategies to Protect Your Home. Discover More Today!

We all know the feeling when bugs get into our home. This can happen during cold winter days and scorching summer days. Most of the time, bugs look for a warm, safe place to stay and your HVAC system tends to be a desirable place for them to locate. However, there are some ways to prevent these little critters from getting into your HVAC system: 

What Kind of Bugs Enter HVAC Systems?

Especially in Houston, you can expect to see many bugs in your HVAC systems such as mosquitoes, fleas, ants, spiders and other common outdoor bugs. They like to find a place that will keep them safe and most bugs can be found in the air filter due to the other particles in them that the bugs can eat. Another thing that attracts bugs are lights and some HVAC systems will have an internal light that attracts them. 

Seal Leaks and Cracks

The first step in preventing bugs from entering your system is to locate any leaks or cracks. These can appear on the air ducts and make it easy for bugs to get through. You will want to check the ducts for these small leaks, especially around the ductwork joints. 

You can check the ducts by simply turning on the AC and putting your hand over certain parts of the ducts. If you feel air, it means that there is a leak. It is important to do this over all the duct work. 

If the leaks or cracks are small and minimal, you can use duct tape to secure them. If there are more severe leaks, you will need to call a duct specialist. 

Proper Installation

If you’re experiencing lots of bugs within your system, it could be due to poor installation. This is why it is incredibly important to have a professional at The Chill Brothers to install your HVAC system. With a professional, they will know how to correctly seal and install the system. 

Not only does a poor installation lead to more bugs, but it can also be the leading cause of high energy bills and inaccurate temperatures. If you believe your system was not installed properly, contact the professionals at The Chill Brothers. We service many areas including HVAC repair in Spring, Tx

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning will also help decrease the amount of bugs that can enter your system. This means actually cleaning the condenser outside and replacing the air filters. The air filters themselves can attract bugs and overtime can collect them. It is important to change the filters regularly to prevent a build up of bugs and debris. 

Bugs can also affect the air quality in your home. Changing the filter regularly will help increase the quality, but you may be interested in more air quality services The Chill Brothers offers.

Commercial HVAC services provide heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions for businesses and other commercial facilities.

Routine Maintenance 

Along with regular cleaning, it is recommended that you have regular maintenance for your system. With maintenance, a professional will come out and make sure the system is clean and working properly. 

We offer our Chill Preventative Maintenance Plan that comes with a 21 point inspection and many more benefits. For more information on a maintenance plan and why it is beneficial, view our latest article: link here 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do bugs get caught in the air filter?

A. Yes, sometimes when bugs get into the system, the air filter will block them from being released into the air in your home. 

Q. Do bugs only enter through the ducts?

A. No, bugs can enter the HVAC system through the ducts, condenser or through any other leaks within the house. If you are not seeing bugs come through the system but are still in your home, it could be a leak or crack in the foundation or window. You will want to seal this as it can release the air from your AC resulting in higher electricity bills. 

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