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Regular HVAC Inspection And Cleaning May 21
by Olivia

The Importance of Choosing the Best Thermostat for Your Home

The rise in energy prices requires homeowners to make informed decisions about their climate control systems. The right choices enable people to use less energy, have more reliable and effective climate control, and save money. Every consideration affects these goals, even something as simple as the thermostat. Thermostats may seem simple, but they play a significant role in the efficiency of an HVAC system.

What is the Purpose of a Thermostat?

Thermostats regulate the HVAC system, allowing users to set the temperature based on their preference, so the home’s interior remains comfortable to them. The thermostat raises or lowers the temperature by monitoring the air and switching the HVAC system when needed. A variety of thermostat models exist, including a smart thermostat for air conditioner systems for the ultimate level of energy efficiency.

In addition to controlling the temperature, thermostats can also work with HVAC systems to maintain humidity levels. The control of humidity levels can affect personal comfort and protect the home interior. Homeowners with humidity-sensitive pets, collections of books or antiques, or other possessions sensitive to relative humidity may want to invest in HVAC systems that will better protect their property.


What is a Programmable Thermostat?

Programmable thermostats allow the operator to establish settings that adjust the air temperature at various times of the day. The owner may want the system to keep the home at one temperature during the day when the house is empty and adjust it shortly before people arrive. They may also prefer different temperatures throughout the night that change just before they arise to what they find more comfortable once out of bed.

Some systems offer smartphone controls that allow the homeowner to adjust the temperature remotely. Remote systems enable people to adjust the temperature if their schedules change or if they forget to lower or raise the temperature before leaving. The iComfort M30 smart thermostat is an example of this type of option. The system incorporates Amazon Alexa and other similar technologies for reliable operation.

Programmable thermostats save homeowners money because they do not need to waste energy keeping the home at the temperature they prefer when no one is in the house. Remote systems also provide security when away on vacation or if no one is at home when unexpected weather changes occur.


How to Choose a Thermostat

Homeowners need to consider their preference for technology. Digital touchscreen systems may frustrate some people. Not everyone needs or wants all the remote or programmable features. Many modern thermostats offer extra features that may appeal to some but are unnecessary for others. The Honeywell t6 Pro Smart Thermostat, for example, can provide HVAC troubleshooting in the event any problems arise. Zoned thermostats can work well for the owners of apartment buildings to enable some monitoring of the system but allow each unit to stay within a range the tenant prefers.

Consumers should always select a model with an energy star rating. These ratings express the energy efficiency of the product based on mandated guidelines by the federal government. Many appliances now use the ratings, and only those meeting the standards will have the rating marked on the unit.


Which Thermostat is Right for My Furnace?

Not all brands and types of thermostats work with every HVAC system, so always consult with your HVAC company before buying anything. Some systems rely on Wi-Fi availability and may not function in homes in isolated areas. Heating and cooling contractors can help homeowners choose the best thermostat for their homes based on their needs and the HVAC system they own.

Some HVAC system brands also offer thermostats designed for their line of HVAC systems. Using these thermostats may allow for better compatibility and efficiency than other thermostats.

Thermostats make it easier for homeowners to keep their homes comfortable. The correct model can allow that to happen while saving energy and money. The Chill Brothers can help their customers find the best thermostat for their home and HVAC system. Additionally, the company offers emergency and routine furnace repairs and maintenance, upgrades, and more. Also available is the Chill Maintenance Plan, which provides multiple benefits for a low monthly fee. Customers receive annual maintenance visits and tune-ups, discounts on parts and service fees, credits for future system replacements, and many additional benefits.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. Why should you get a wifi thermostat?

A. When you have a wifi-enabled thermostat, you can set it to an energy savings mode, allow it to reach the desired temperature, and then the fan shuts off. If the temp indoors rises, the fan turns on again. It helps prevent high energy bills and less wear & tear on machines.

Q. What are the four types of thermostats?

A. There are four types of thermostats with different features that you should consider before buying a thermostat for your home. Basic non-programmable thermostat, convenient programmable thermostat, controllable wifi thermostat & smart thermostat. You need to be thermostat ready every season.

Q. How to extend the lifespan of your hvac system?

A. One tip to extend the lifespan of your HVAC system is to install a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat helps regulate your home temperatures remotely using internet-controlled devices such as smartphones or tablets. This helps improve the efficiency of your HVAC & will prevent your system from working 24/7 and reduce wear and tear.

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