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by Macy

Chill Brother of the Month: Alfred Segundo


We would like to recognize Alfred Segundo, Lead Coordination Manager, as Chill Brother of the month!  Alfred is a Marine Corps veteran and is the manager of our lead coordinators. He enjoys spending time with his son and loves comic books and movies! Read more about Alfred:

What is Your Role with The Chill Brothers?

“I am the lead coordination manager and the daily things I do is to make sure that all the comfort advisors are being scheduled out and our office is run as efficiently as possible not to mention that we are calling customers confirming appointments and booking them as well.”

What Do You Love about Working in Lead Coordination?

“One thing I love about working in Lead Coordination is calling customers to help them out and explain different programs so they can be more understanding about what the company is about. 

What Makes the Chill Brothers Different from Other HVAC Companies?

“One thing that separates us from other HVAC companies is our process on how we do things. Our process from what I understand is a lot different than other HVAC companies. We have a lot more attention to detail and I believe the way we take care of our customers is above anyone else.”

What Motivates You?

“Motivating me is really just me getting up and being able to make sure everyone is being taken care of. Not only customers, but the rest of employees here as well.”

What have You Learned from Working With The Chill Brothers?

“One thing I have learned is how the actual HVAC system works. I was like everyone else and just thought it was a couple of parts, but it is really a whole complex system. It is a lot of information to learn.”

What Do You Do in Your Free Time?

“In my free time I like to spend time with my son and the rest of my family. I like being able to see my son grow and do things I never got to do.”

What is a Fun Fact About You?

“A fun fact about me is that I am a huge comic book nerd. I also love comic movies.”

What is Your Favorite Memory While Working with The Chill Brothers?

“My favorite memory was when the team went axe throwing as a team bonding event. It was my first time and I ended up winning.”

What Do You Want to Accomplish in the Future?

“In the future, I want to expand the lead coordination team. Right now we have four agents, and I am hoping to expand to 30-40 agents.” 

What Did You Do Before Working With The Chill Brothers?

“Before The Chill Brothers, I was in the Marine Corps for 8 years. I did that and I also ended up going to college to get my bachelors in science for criminal justice. I did all kinds of jobs including, taking photos to welding motorcycles. I moved to Houston after being in California for 13 years and decided to get a job, and here I am now.”

How has being in the Marine Corps Helped you in Lead Coordination?

“Being in the Marine Corps definitely teaches you leadership. It is one of the bigger things they pride themselves on that you’re as disciplined and efficient while setting the bar for everybody else. With me having that experience, I am able to pass that information along to the rest of the team so that we can make this company a lot more organized and that we can do things that other companies won’t be able to do.”

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