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To our valued customers:
Chill Brothers has updated policies to adhere to the constantly changing COVID-19 situation. We understand that this is an uneasy time for many and we are committed to the health and safety of our customers and employees, which is why we are taking extra-precautions.

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and implementing best practices provided by the United States Public Health Service.

We are continuing to operate. If you have questions regarding our current processes, please feel free to contact our team at .

The Chill Brothers Team.

Screenshot 2022 01 06 104215 May 26
by Macy

What to Consider When Buying an Air Purification System

An air purification system can really benefit your home and improve your indoor air quality. It can help create cleaner air and can minimize allergies. It is a great addition to your HVAC system, but what all is there to consider? Here are the top things to consider when buying an air purification system:  The […]

5 Things To Check When Buying A New Home May 24
by Macy

5 Things To Check When Buying A New Home

If you are in the market to buy a new home, you will want to look out for certain things when it comes to the HVAC system. This is because the system is in charge of properly cooling and heating your home and it can significantly change the value or desire of the home. Oftentimes, […]

How To Cool Your Home During A Heatwave May 19
by Macy

How To Cool Your Home During A Heatwave

We all know how hot Texas can get! We are all dreading the time a heatwave comes and our energy bills skyrocket due to running the AC constantly. But, there are some things you can do to cool your home without worrying about your energy bills. Here is how to effectively cool your home during […]

3 Reasons To Get A New HVAC System When Renovating May 17
by Macy

3 Reasons To Get A New HVAC System When Renovating

May is the most popular month to renovate your home! When renovating, you might wonder what you can add or change to your home that will improve your quality of living. While you are renovating, consider upgrading the HVAC system! With a new HVAC system, you cannot only see the benefits, but you can feel […]

Ways To Improve Your AC For Comfort And Performance May 12
by Macy

Ways To Improve Your AC For Comfort And Performance

Texans can easily become overwhelmed when it comes to keeping their home cool during Spring and Summer. Homeowners may believe that in order to keep their home cool, they will have to use their AC all the time and be stuck with high energy bills. However, there are some improvements you can make to your […]

6 HVAC Tips For Vacations May 10
by Macy

6 HVAC Tips For Vacations

It’s almost time to book a vacation! While you are planning for a well-deserved getaway, you will want to take some time to ensure your HVAC system will be properly safe and efficient when you are away. There are many things you can do such as setting your thermostat, checking the exterior of the unit, […]

How Often You Should Change Your Air Filters May 5
by Macy

How Often You Should Change Your Air Filters

When it comes to HVAC maintenance, changing the air filters is one of the most important things to do. But, how often should you change your air filters? Depending on what kind of filter or area you are located in can change the amount you change the filters. Here is everything you need to know […]

image of homeowner trying to sleep but cant due to air conditioning noises May 3
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5 Reasons Your AC is Too Loud

Whenever your HVAC system is on, you may hear some loud unpleasant sounds. These sounds could include banging, whistling, rattling and more. None of these sounds are good to hear and they may indicate there is an issue within your system. Here are five reasons why your HVAC system is loud:  Refrigerant Leaks Refrigerant is […]

employee of the month jason May 1
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Introducing Chill Brother the Month: Jason Dick

We would like to recognize Jason Dick, Regional Sales Manager, as Chill Brother of the month! Jason loves to get lost in the wilderness and loves to help people with growth opportunities within the company. Take a deep dive into who Jason is and his story with The Chill Brothers.  What is your role? “My […]

fan Apr 28
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Cheap Ways to Keep Cool this Spring

Spring heat can get the best of us, especially in Texas. With having your air conditioner running non-stop, people often worry about how it will affect their energy bills. When you have an energy efficient HVAC system, you will be able to keep cool while keeping your electricity bills down. However, there are some cheap […]

Ideal Thermostat Settings For Spring Apr 26
by Macy

Ideal Thermostat Settings For Spring

It’s time to start up the air conditioner in your home! But, what is the best temperature to set the thermostat to without increasing your energy bills? The answer is quite complex as it depends on the individual. However, there are some settings you can use to find the perfect temperature for your home, without […]

windows Apr 21
by Macy

Why You Should Never Keep Windows Open While AC Is On

We all love some fresh air, especially since the weather is warming up. But, is it a good idea to keep the windows open when your AC is running? Short answer is no, as it makes the system work harder and all the cool air is being wasted. Aside from the cool air being wasted, […]

AC Maintenance Guide for Allergies - Chill Brothers Apr 19
by Macy

AC Maintenance Guide for Allergies

Spring in Texas means warmer weather but the dreaded allergies. The transition between heating to cooling can be bothersome, especially with all the plants in bloom. Pollen and other allergy particles can make their way into your HVAC system and circulate the particles throughout your home. With the right maintenance, you can find relief from […]

5 Common AC Problems During Spring Apr 14
by Macy

5 Common AC Problems During Spring

With the weather changing and pollen spreading, it is crucial that your HVAC system is working at its fullest potential. However, this is the time where most issues with the system arise as it has been idle all winter. The key is to identify the problem and call the experts at The Chill Brothers. Here […]

Why It Is So Important To Change Your Air Filter Apr 12
by Macy

5 Reasons To Change Your Air Filter – The Chill Brothers

Your HVAC system’s air filters are crucial. They are in charge of filtering out the air that will be circulated through your home. Without changing them, there could be many harmful effects such as an inefficient system, health issues, higher maintenance costs, dirty air and could even decrease your system’s lifespan. All of these can […]

hvac maintenance 1000x423 1 Apr 7
by Macy

5 Spring Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC System

It’s finally Spring! It’s the perfect time for Spring cleaning and HVAC services! With the new season, you will want to make sure your system is clean and perfect to take on the warmer weather. This can include a tune-up, maintenance, and cleaning of the system. The Chill Brothers offer a 21-point tune-up that will […]

employee of the month nicole Apr 3
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Introducing Chill Sister of the Month: Nicole Harris

We would like to recognize Nicole Harris, Service Coordinator, as Chill Sister of the month! Nicole loves the atmosphere at The Chill Brothers and how we all work together as a team. She also loves to spend time in Houston and go fishing. Take a deep dive into who Nicole is and her story with […]

AdvancedComfort April Blog Mar 24
by Macy

How to Prep Your HVAC System for Spring

It is time to say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring! As the seasons are changing, you will want to make sure your HVAC system is prepared for the switch. It is important to take precautions when the seasons change to ensure that your system can work at its highest potential! Here are somethings […]

questions Mar 22
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HVAC Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my HVAC system be serviced? Twice a year, usually during Spring and Fall How long does a system last? 10-12 years How often should I replace my filters? 1 inch filters every 2 months.  Media filters twice a year Should I replace my ducts? Yes, once every 10 years Why is my […]

5 Most Common AC Repair Problems Mar 15
by Macy

Most Common AC Repair Issues

With such a complex and vital piece of machinery, your HVAC system is bound to need some sort of repairs. Some repairs can be very simple and easy to fix, where others could take lots of effort. It is important to get your HVAC system tuned-up so, if any problem arises, the experts at The […]

pay your bill Mar 10
by Macy

Tips for Staying Energy Conscious with Your HVAC System

One of the main concerns about HVAC systems is how much energy they use and how high electricity bills can be. Older systems pull lots of energy and try their best to run efficiently. However, with newer systems, they are designed to be more efficient and run off of less energy. Our experts at the […]

Benefits of Using a UV Light for a HVAC System Mar 8
by Macy

3 Benefits of Using a UV Light for a HVAC System

Did you know that your HVAC system can be a host for bacteria and germs? These air particles come through the air and can be released into your home. A UV light can be used to treat these germs and ultimately make the air cleaner and healthier. Here are the top benefits of adding a […]

Prevent Bugs from Coming Through the HVAC Unit Mar 3
by Macy

How to Prevent Bugs from Coming Through the HVAC Unit?

We all know the feeling when bugs get into our home. This can happen during cold winter days and scorching summer days. Most of the time, bugs look for a warm, safe place to stay and your HVAC system tends to be a desirable place for them to locate. However, there are some ways to […]

employee of the month alfred Mar 1
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Chill Brother of the Month: Alfred Segundo

  We would like to recognize Alfred Segundo, Lead Coordination Manager, as Chill Brother of the month!  Alfred is a Marine Corps veteran and is the manager of our lead coordinators. He enjoys spending time with his son and loves comic books and movies! Read more about Alfred: What is Your Role with The Chill […]

Red Flags to Look Out for on Your HVAC System Feb 20
by Macy

Red Flags to Look Out for on Your HVAC System

The last thing you need is HVAC issues. Repairs can be expensive, and most of the time they go unnoticed until it’s too late. If your system is experiencing any of these red flags, you may need to contact a professional at The Chill Brothers to come look at the system. Here are some HVAC […]

AC servicing Feb 17
by Macy

Is It Safe to Mix and Match AC & Furnace Brands

When in the market for a new HVAC or Furnace, many people wonder if it is okay to mix and match brands. The simple answer is that it depends on the specific brands and units. Read more about the pros and cons of pairing different brand units; First Steps The first steps before determining whether […]

HVAC Service Provider in Spring & Houston Feb 15
by Macy

HVAC Winter Preparation And Maintenance

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are crucial for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment, especially during winter. Proper preparation and maintenance of these systems can ensure they function efficiently and effectively, saving you money on energy costs and preventing breakdowns. How Crucial it is to Maintain Your HVAC System during Winter During the winter […]

HVAC AC Repair Tomball Tx Feb 10
by Macy

How to Conserve More Heat in the Winter

During the Winter, some homeowners find it difficult to preserve the heat within the home. The furnace will still be running, but there may still be cold spots and the heat may not last long. This can be due to many things including the furnace itself, thermostat issues or lack of humidifiers. It is important […]

full shot smiley parents kid 1 Feb 8
by Macy

4 Reasons Why You Should Get a Maintenance Plan for your HVAC System

Have you ever been interested in what an HVAC maintenance plan could do for you? Having a plan with your trusted HVAC provider can have many benefits including limiting repairs, reducing energy costs, extending your HVAC’s lifespan and receiving priority service. Here at the Chill Brothers, we offer our Chill Preventative maintenance plan that will […]

mainBanner Feb 3
by Macy

7 Ways to Tell if Your Thermostat is Broken

If your home isn’t heating or cooling properly, don’t automatically assume something is wrong with your system. Your thermostat may be the issue. When a thermostat is having issues or is broken, it can cause problems within the system. If you think there is something wrong with your thermostat, contact the professionals at The Chill […]

employee of the month ryan Feb 1
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Chill Brother of the Month- Ryan Mauldin

We would like to recognize Ryan Mauldin, Service Manager, as Chill Brother of the month! Ryan loves to see his fellow Chill brothers and sister succeed while also riding on his Harley and spending time with family and friends. Take a deep dive into who Ryan is and his story with The Chill Brothers.  What […]

apr162021pa Jan 27
by Macy

Are you Properly Prepping your AC Unit for Winter?

It’s officially Winter, which means you may be wondering how the harsh weather can affect your outdoor air conditioning unit. There are many things you can do to prepare your unit for cold temperatures such as cleaning/inspecting the unit, covering it with a barrier and routine maintenance.  Unplug the System It is important to know […]

5 Most Common AC Repair Problems Jan 25
by Macy

3 Signs Your HVAC System Is Not Energy Efficient

Having an energy efficient HVAC system can be extremely beneficial. It can help reduce energy bills and create better quality heating and cooling. It is important to know the signs of a system that is not energy efficient. At The Chill Brothers, we strive to get everyone the best quality air by upgrading their system […]

lennox blog Jan 20
by Macy

Advantage of Having Lennox Smart Thermostat

The Lennox Smart Thermostat is a new way to have better control over your air! They give the users many options to customize the temperature, settings and overall more comfort when it comes to heating and cooling your home. They can also lower electricity costs! Read to learn more about the Lennox Smart Thermostat and […]