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by Macy

Chill Brother of the Month

We would like to recognize Mike Reinhardt, Lead Coordinator, as Chill Brother of the month! Mike started his journey with The Chill Brothers as a customer. One of our comfort ambassadors knocked on his door to talk about upgrading his current HVAC system. Surprisingly, his 17 year old system had just gone out and our team was able to help him upgrade to a new, energy efficient system. Mike had such a great customer experience with our team, that he decided he wanted to join and become a Chill Brother! Take a deep dive into who Mike is and what makes him our Chill Brother of the month. 

What is your daily routine like? 

“The first thing I do in the morning is check the online leads that have come in. They either come in through online ads, direct calls or from our website. I then call the customer and see what they need help with. Usually, I set up a free assessment for a comfort expert to come out and see the system.”  

What is your favorite part about working for The Chill Brothers?  

“My favorite part about working for the Chill Brothers is the people. With this job, I get to meet many new people and I get the opportunity to watch them grow within The Chill Brothers. The whole process is cool to watch.” 

What motivates you? 

“Helping people with their HVAC services is what motivates me. I want to make sure people are comfortable within their home with proper heating and cooling.”  

How would you describe The Chill Brothers? 

“I would describe The Chill Brothers as innovative. The company is ever changing, and we roll with the punches.”  

What makes the Chill Brothers unique? 

“The Chill Brothers are unique in the way that they help people with their HVAC services. We are the first to offer the $2,000 buyback program, which allows us to buy older systems from customers. Not many HVAC companies can say that they do that, but we can.”  

What is something you wished everyone knew about HVAC systems? 

“Something I wish everyone knew about HVAC systems is something I learned when I started working here; air conditioning systems are not cooling your house, they are taking the hot air out.”  

How would you describe the work environment? 

“I would describe the work environment as fun, easy going and fast paced.” 

What do you do in your free time? 

“In my free time I watch sports, hang out with my kids and hang around the house with family and friends.”  

What do you want the future of The Chill Brothers to look like? 

“I want to see The Chill Brothers spread across North America in the future.”   

Interested in learning more about Mike? Check out the full video. 

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