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employee of the month china Introducing Chill Sister of the Month: China Fields Oct 2
by Macy

Introducing Chill Sister of the Month: China Fields

The Chill Brothers would like to recognize China Fields, North Loop Talent Acquisition Specialist, as our Chill Sister of the month! China loves to do people’s makeup in her free time and loves helping people become a part of the Chill family! Want to know more about China and her role with the company? Read more: 

How did you get started with The Chill Brothers?

“So personally, I am no better than anyone else. I started looking for jobs on Indeed and I found The Chill Brothers. I was looking for a great company to give me an opportunity to show them my work ethic and what I could bring to the table.”

What is your daily routine?

“My daily routine here with The Chill Brothers is I come in around 7:30. I answer voicemails, emails and then of course, I message back any candidate that I have on Indeed. Immediately go straight into my interview process. Periodically, I walk through the lobby and in morning meetings, just to keep the energy up so everyone is positive for the rest of the day.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“I like to do makeup in my free time. I like to experiment on all different faces and new clients.”

How would you describe yourself?

“I would describe myself as reliable, very energetic, easy to train, hardworking, determined and always looking to help others.” 

How should people prepare for an interview?

“I feel like people should prepare for an interview by being positive, reading the job description, of course, bring a copy of the resume and if you are unsure about something, just ask!”

What advice do you have for someone coming in for an interview?

“My advice would be to arrive 5 to 10 minutes early, relax and be aware of your body language. Also, compare your previous employment and your experience to the job you’re applying for.”

What has been your favorite memory while working with The Chill Brothers?

“My favorite memory was when I was working here for a few months, and they took me out to Paterson’s Park for my birthday. I never worked for a company where they did anything for my birthday or brought me a gift or anything like that. So, that would be my favorite and funniest memory.” 

Why should people work for The Chill Brothers?

“I feel like people should work for The Chill Brothers because they are a family oriented business. They are always looking to help people gain extra skills and of course, grow financially and personally as individuals.” 

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