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A Note to Our Customers About COVID - 19

To our valued customers:
Chill Brothers has updated policies to adhere to the constantly changing COVID-19 situation. We understand that this is an uneasy time for many and we are committed to the health and safety of our customers and employees, which is why we are taking extra-precautions.

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and implementing best practices provided by the United States Public Health Service.

We are continuing to operate. If you have questions regarding our current processes, please feel free to contact our team at .

The Chill Brothers Team.

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HVAC Repair in Houston

Air Conditioner Repair & Maintenance

When it comes to your home you need to know the company you put your trust into will be there when it really matters. If your air conditioner stops working, needs a performance tune up or isn’t blowing cold air; our team of highly trained professionals will only be a phone call away.

The teams at Chill Brothers vows to give you exceptional service with competitive rates that keep you and your wallet comfortable.

When your air conditioner needs servicing, we want to help.

Call Chill Brothers or click the free estimate button to your right to schedule a free assessment.

When to call an expert?

If you believe that you need an emergency ac repair service, click here for information about our 24/7 repair services.

Signs I Should Replace My Air Conditioner:

Choosing the Right AC Repair Company for You

Choosing an AC repair company can be a tricky task, which is why we laid it all out for you! You will want to start by looking at reviews and seeing if the company is licensed and has all the needed certifications. Then you will want to see what services the company offers. (example: emergency services, repairs, installs). Once you know all that information, you can then move to finding out what offers the company has or if they have certain warranties or guarantees. 


You can find many HVAC companies by just a quick internet search. Once you have done that, you can start to read reviews, ask around for recommendations or check local business directories. 


It is important to evaluate all air conditioner repair companies. You will want to ensure that the company has all the services you need as well as the information needed to move forward. 

How do The Chill Brothers Compare?

We are one of the only AC repair companies that have offers such as our $2,000 Buy Back Program and non-obligational free assessments. 


As a new customer, you will want to consider creating a list of pros and cons of each company, weigh the benefits and evaluate the company’s availability. At The Chill Brothers, we are here 24/7! Your comfort is our passion. 


Making the final decision for an AC repair company includes narrowing down your options based on research and evaluation. Consider the cost and the value of the services provided. Then it is time to schedule your free assessment with us! This is when one of our comfort experts will meet with you to go over options, budget and more! We make ac repairs easy, smooth and simple! Call us today! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What maintenance does an air conditioner need?

A. A professional HVAC service provider must do air conditioner maintenance. Mainly, the following things should be done at the time of the maintenance.

  • – Air filters must be cleaned or replaced if necessary.
  • – Cleaning of the coils of the air conditioner.
  • – Coil fins must be straightened.

Q. How often should you do AC maintenance?

A. It is recommended to perform the ac maintenance in Houston twice a year by an experienced HVAC contractor. One AC maintenance should be scheduled in the Fall season other in the Spring season.