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We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and implementing best practices provided by the United States Public Health Service.

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The Chill Brothers Team.

Lennox® - SL28XCV Air Conditioner

When the SL28XCV is running, you'll hardly hear it. Innovative SilentComfort™ technology combines thick insulation, vibration resistance and a scpecially shaped fan blade to greatly reduce sound levels.

Lennox Circle Logo XC25

Lennox Precise Comfort® technology maintains your set temperatures with half a degree, using only the energy that's needed to keep your air consistently comfortable.




Continually makes small adjustments in fan speed and cooling output to hold your temperature exacly where you want it.


Working with the iComfort® S30 ultra smart thermostat, the SL28XCV adapts cooling settings to match your family's routine.

Humidity removal

The SL28XCV removes about 30% more humidity from the air than a convencional single-stage unit.**, so your home's air feels light and cool during even the hottest summer months.


The SL28XCV modifies cool air output based on the climate in your area, adjusting for everything from humidity to startup ime. So no matter where you live, you'll live comfortably.


The SL28XCV has earned the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2018 label, which meand it is recognized as one of the most efficient products that qualify for ENERGY STAR.




Specially designed for maximum heat transfer and low air resistance.


The SL28XCV can potentially qualify for federal energy tax credits and local utility rebates.

10 year limited warranty compressor
10 year limited warranty with product registration


The SL28XCV comes with a 10-year limited warranty on the compresor and all remaining covered components**.

*The cooling efficiency rating for air conditioners is Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER. The higher the SEER, the better the energy performance, and the more you save.
**Applies to residential applications only. See actual warranty certificate for details.
***Sound Rating number according to ANSI/AHRI standard 270-2008. "SRN" is the overall A-Weighted Sound Power Level, (LWA), dB (100Hz to 10,000 Hz). Sound information based on 3-ton models. Standard system is a 13ACX with a 76dB sound rating.
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Karyn G
Karyn G
Landon and Jeremiah were my first points of contact with Chill Brothers and I was so impressed with their integrity, kindness, and patience - that I moved forward with using Chill Brothers for our new HVAC system install. We continued to be impressed with their team throughout the project and are thankful Landon knocked on our door to introduce them. A huge thank you to the Chill Brothers team! Y’all have been a blessing to us.
Tosha L.
Tosha L.
I’d like to give a 5 ⭐️ rating to Mr. Landon he was so sweet understanding and thoughtful. He made this old lady’s evening with his cheerful demeanor. He provided answers to questions I had about my ac unit among other things. It was refreshing. Confident and knowledgeable about the company and their products. Thank you for all the help you provided Landon.
Wendy Rigby
Wendy Rigby
Had a consult with Jeramiah regarding an HVAC upgrade to our unit. He was able to get us a great deal and was very professional. He had a friendly attitude and was helpful in answering any questions. Looking forward to getting our new unit up and running!
Africa Mims
Africa Mims
Jerry Hardy was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I am so glad he was the one to come to my appointment.
Joan Bean
Joan Bean
Shathujah did a great job explaining everything and found me the best program I was looking for. After the work was done the clean up was excellent and they were very cautious taking out and bring in parts. The team is very respectful in my home and Very polite and well mannered. Thank you Chill brothers
Elvia Arriaga
Elvia Arriaga
Gary was very polite, friendly, and Honest. He answer all our questions. Feel free to welcome him in your Home.
Samantha Kellen
Samantha Kellen
Jerry Hardy was great! He answered all my questions with transparency and made me feel comfortable with taking on this expense.