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A Note to Our Customers About COVID - 19

To our valued customers:
Chill Brothers has updated policies to adhere to the constantly changing COVID-19 situation. We understand that this is an uneasy time for many and we are committed to the health and safety of our customers and employees, which is why we are taking extra-precautions.

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and implementing best practices provided by the United States Public Health Service.

We are continuing to operate. If you have questions regarding our current processes, please feel free to contact our team at .

The Chill Brothers Team.

A High Quality Furnace You Can Rely On.

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Furnace Repair & Maintenance

The best way to prevent expensive furnace emergencies is getting routine maintenance done. During the winter months in Texas the weather is known to change constantly. This means we're turning our furnace on and off again which can cause a lot of wear and tear. Eventually leading to a broken furnace or a furnace that needs recurring maintenance. Our licenced and certified technicians are fully equipped to diagnose and repair any problems you may be having.

When your furnace needs servicing, we want to help. Call Chill Brothers or click the free estimate button to your right to schedule your free in home consultation.

When to call an expert?

  • The furnace won't turn on.
  • Furnace isn’t sending heat.
  • Furnace has a weird smell.
  • One room of your home is not heating.
  • The Furnace keeps turning off and on.
  • My furnace keeps shutting off.

If you believe your Furnace requires emergency service, click here for information about our 24/7 repair services.

Signs I Should Replace My Furnace:

  • Age - If your Furnace is more than 10-5 years old and giving you trouble, it may be in your best interest to consider a replacement. You could be paying 30-50% more in utility costs than you should be.
  • An expensive repair bill - When you're facing an expensive repair, it’s best to weigh the costs of the repair over the cost of a new unit. Especially if your Furnace is showing other problem signs. Our specialists are here to help you make the decision that best for you and your home.
  • High bills and constant repairs -If your bills are climbing and it seems like you're calling a contractor once a month with a new problem a new unit may be the way to go. A new furnace will use less energy and could save you big on energy bills and repair bills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What can cause a furnace to stop working?

A. There are many reasons because of which a furnace can stop working. Following are some of the common causes.

  • - The thermostat is not working correctly.
  • - An issue with shutoff switches and breakers.
  • - Clogged furnace air filter. Airflow is blocked because of dirt and dust particles.
  • - Drain lines are restricted.

Call an HVAC professional for furnace repair if the issue is not solved.

Q. How often should you have your furnace serviced?

A. Furnace should be serviced at least once a year. But it is better if serviced two times in a year. The furnace maintenance must be performed by an experienced HVAC service provider.

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Karyn G
Karyn G
Landon and Jeremiah were my first points of contact with Chill Brothers and I was so impressed with their integrity, kindness, and patience - that I moved forward with using Chill Brothers for our new HVAC system install. We continued to be impressed with their team throughout the project and are thankful Landon knocked on our door to introduce them. A huge thank you to the Chill Brothers team! Y’all have been a blessing to us.
Tosha L.
Tosha L.
I’d like to give a 5 ⭐️ rating to Mr. Landon he was so sweet understanding and thoughtful. He made this old lady’s evening with his cheerful demeanor. He provided answers to questions I had about my ac unit among other things. It was refreshing. Confident and knowledgeable about the company and their products. Thank you for all the help you provided Landon.
Wendy Rigby
Wendy Rigby
Had a consult with Jeramiah regarding an HVAC upgrade to our unit. He was able to get us a great deal and was very professional. He had a friendly attitude and was helpful in answering any questions. Looking forward to getting our new unit up and running!
Africa Mims
Africa Mims
Jerry Hardy was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I am so glad he was the one to come to my appointment.
Joan Bean
Joan Bean
Shathujah did a great job explaining everything and found me the best program I was looking for. After the work was done the clean up was excellent and they were very cautious taking out and bring in parts. The team is very respectful in my home and Very polite and well mannered. Thank you Chill brothers
Elvia Arriaga
Elvia Arriaga
Gary was very polite, friendly, and Honest. He answer all our questions. Feel free to welcome him in your Home.
Samantha Kellen
Samantha Kellen
Jerry Hardy was great! He answered all my questions with transparency and made me feel comfortable with taking on this expense.