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Partnered with Lennox Oct 19
by Macy

The Chill Brothers Partnered with Lennox Feel the Love Program

Feel the Love with Chill Brothers! Prepare Your HVAC System for Fall with us, partnered with Lennox. Embrace the warmth!
Houston-based HVAC dealer participates in Lennox Feel the Love

Spring, Texas, October 11, 2022- The Chill Brothers (‘Chill Brothers’), a Lennox Premier Dealer and Centurion Award winner, were ecstatic to participate in the Lennox International Feel the Love program. This community outreach program, created in 2009, was created to lend a helping hand to families in need, specifically those with critical home comfort necessities, such as HVAC systems. These families are nominated to receive a new, energy efficient HVAC system. As first-year participants, The Chill Brothers were proud to represent Houston, Texas in helping a local family in this program.

“I spoke to Sonia Garza to see if we could help them out with their AC and once. We spoke further, I realized that they were going through some tough times,” Ivan Strashnyy, Comfort Ambassador and nominator said. “I felt like they could really benefit from the Lennox Feel the Love program.”

The  Garza family has experienced many medical and financial hardships in their lives, including living with an outdated and costly air conditioner. By upgrading their system, at no cost to the family, this new system will help decrease their utility bills, provide cleaner, cooler air, and overall provide them with a new, comfortable living environment in their time of need.

“Ivan knocked on our door asking us about our unit, and we told him we could not afford it due to bankruptcy.” Sonia Garza said. “We initially didn’t even know that this program existed.”

When the family was selected as the finalist for the Feel the Love program, Sonia and her husband Benny were in shock.

“I thought, that’s beautiful! This opportunity is coming from God, sending Ya’ll and making this a possibility. We were really excited about it, and we never thought we would actually be chosen.” Benny Garza said.

Upgrading your home to a new HVAC system is a huge undertaking for many homeowners. Because of the financial impact an upgrade usually costs, The Chill Brothers wanted to make sure that the Garza family had the best system for their home that could handle Texas’ ever-changing weather.

“There are a couple of things that a new system can do for a family in need; It can provide comfort, as Mr. Garza is sick and has been waiting for a new kidney for five years,” Tammie Thomas, Lennox Territory manager said. “They will be more comfortable in their home; they will have a reliable piece of equipment that will decrease their utility bills, so that will help them relieve some stress that they have. The biggest thing is that they know that there are people out there who want to help them in any way they can.”

The Chill Brothers pride themselves in being able to help other local Houstonians keep their homes chill with the perfect energy efficient system.

“My favorite part about this program is being able to meet the family and really feel the love they have for The Chill Brothers and Lennox. It really warms our hearts to be able to help a family going through hard times.” said Michael Stewart, Reginal Manager at The Chill Brothers. “AC in Houston is a necessity, and it’s great to make sure this family is taken care of for the next 15 years to come.”

Want to learn more about Lennox Feel the Love and how to nominate for next year’s program? Check out The Chill Brothers website for more information:


Chill Brothers is on a mission to provide families with the most affordable and reliable HVAC and air purification services available. Our customer-first approach means that our fully trained and certified professional staff provide homeowners with an in-depth in-home consultation, and support through their whole home air quality and energy efficiency journey. The company was founded in 2020 with an experienced leadership team that has over 70 years’ experience in building and scaling large home services businesses. Chill Brothers is proudly recognized as a Lennox Premier Dealer and were recipients of the prestigious Lennox Centurion Award two years in a row.


A worldwide leader in home comfort, Lennox offers its award-winning HVAC products through a network of more than 7,000 dealers. Lennox has a history of designing innovative HVAC and indoor air quality products, providing some of the most effective and silent units on the market, including the first ultra-low emissions furnace and hospital-grade air filtration systems.

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