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by Olivia

3 Spring HVAC Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

The warm months are already upon us in Houston. If this year is anything like previous years, odds are good temperatures are only going to rise throughout the season.

That should come as no surprise. Anyone who lives in the area knows it can get very hot very quickly in Texas around this time of year.

Odds are you’re going to be relying on your A/C to help you stay comfortable in your home for the next few months. This list of spring A/C maintenance tips and HVAC repair in Houston will help you ensure your system stays in good working order during these hotter months.

Just remember that HVAC systems can be complex. To be fully certain your unit will reliably cool your home, strongly consider scheduling an A/C spring tune-up or spring A/C repair services with the professionals at The Chill Brothers. Our experts will inspect your system and determine if any repair work or professional maintenance services are necessary.

In the meantime, you can perform basic spring HVAC maintenance tasks such as:

Testing It

This is a simple tip, but an important one. As the temperatures in the Houston area begin to rise, you should do a test run of your A/C as soon as possible.

Your goal when doing so is to monitor its performance for any HVAC warning signs that might indicate a problem. Is your unit making more noise than usual, or is it making different noises than it did in the past? Is it shutting off for no apparent reason? Is it cooling your home as effectively as it has in previous years?

Don’t wait to contact a professional spring A/C repair team if you notice any signs of a problem. If you ignore these warning signs, minor issues can become major headaches.

Paying Attention to Your Utility Bills

This is an A/C spring maintenance tip that many forget to keep in mind. However, prioritizing it could alert you to an A/C performance problem early, allowing you to correct it before your system fails in the middle of a hot spring or summer day.

Compare your utility bills from this year to those of previous years. Are they noticeably higher? If so, it could be a sign that your system is not running as efficiently as it once did.

This is another instance when it’s wise to contact a professional. An A/C maintenance and repair expert can take a closer look at your unit and determine if and why it’s not operating at the same level of efficiency as it used to.

They’ll fix the problem, and gladly answer any questions you may have about potentially upgrading your HVAC system to a new, more energy-efficient model. Doing so could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Clean Away Debris

If your system includes an outdoor condenser unit, check to see if any debris has accumulated around it. Clear this debris away. If you don’t do so, the debris could inhibit proper airflow, negatively impacting your system’s efficiency and overall performance.

Once more, though, it’s essential to remember that many spring A/C maintenance tasks are best left to the pros. You need expert service from a reputable A/C repair team to be confident your system is in ideal condition for the hot months of spring and summer. Chill Brother’s also provied AC repair in Conroe in summer

That’s precisely the kind of service we at The Chill Brothers deliver to our Houston customers. To schedule a spring A/C tune-up or spring A/C repairs, contact us online or call us at 832-479-1180.

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