HVAC Tune Up - 3 Reasons Why You Should Get It
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Protect Air Conditioner in Summer Oct 5
by Macy

3 Reasons Why You Should Get an HVAC Tune-up

Get your system running smoothly with our ‘HVAC Tune Up’ guide. Ensure top performance and efficiency for your heating and cooling!

Our air conditioners go through a lot during the Summer months, especially in Texas. They tend to work their hardest during these months and that means it’s a good idea to get a Fall tune-up in order to ensure the efficiency of the unit itself. But what does a Fall tune-up include and why is it important? 

The Tune-up Process

Each tune-up process is unique to each system, but it generally consists of three parts:

  • Inspection 

Inspection is the first part of the tune-up process. This is when a specialized 

technicians will look for normal wear and tear and make note of any damages or issues with the unit. This includes but is not limited to checking the drain pan, monitoring refrigerant levels, examining the motor and compressor and making sure all parts are accounted for. 

  • Cleaning 

Once all the parts of the unit are located, the technician will conduct a basic cleaning of the unit. This consists of cleaning certain parts of the unit and most importantly, changing the filter. A good, deep cleaning of the unit should be done at least once a year to ensure adequate performance all year round. 

  • Servicing 

Servicing happens whenever a part is broken, worn or just needs to be replaced. This will prevent any severe damages that may happen in the future or any maintenance. This is also when your technician will discuss what parts should be serviced to improve the quality of your air conditioner. 


Most people often ask why tune-ups are so important. When transitioning from Summer to Fall, there are many reasons why you should have a tune-up. 

  • Efficiency

Keeping your AC maintained will improve the efficiency of the air in your home. Not only will you have better air flow in your home, you will save tons of money on energy. When an air conditioner unit is having trouble working, it pulls a lot of energy that you will be paying for. When a unit is working at its full potential, you could see a decrease in energy bills. 

  • Catch Problems Early On 

Another reason why tune-ups are crucial is because it allows technicians to catch problems early on or stop them from becoming more severe. If a unit goes without a tune-up for a long time, it can result in lots of breakdowns and sometimes the whole unit needs to be replaced. 

  • Improved Air Quality 

Previously mentioned, an important part of the unit is the filter. The filter is what collects any debris, dust, pollen or any other airborne particles from being in the air you breathe. Without properly changing the filter, it can irritate allergies and 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. When should I schedule a tune-up?

A. We recommend that you have a tune-up biannual. It is recommended that you have a tune-up every fall and spring. All units, older and new should have two tune-ups to keep them efficient. 

Q. Are tune-ups necessary?

A. To make sure that your unit is working properly, tune ups are necessary. 

Q. Why should I call a professional for a tune-up?

A. Hiring professionals will ensure that your unit is in good hands. They have knowledge and experience to make sure everything is done correctly and efficiently. 

Make sure your air conditioning unit is prepared for the cooler Fall weather! We offer air conditioning and HVAC services all across the Houston area. 

Right now we are offering a tune-up special for this month only! This offer consists of the tune-up and inspection plus a 10% discount on repairs and 50% off filter replacements. 

Schedule or call The Chill Brothers to ensure your unit is perfected and protected. 

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