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Benefits of Using a UV Light for a HVAC System Mar 8
by Macy

3 Benefits of Using a UV Light for a HVAC System

Did you know that your HVAC system can be a host for bacteria and germs? These air particles come through the air and can be released into your home. A UV light can be used to treat these germs and ultimately make the air cleaner and healthier. Here are the top benefits of adding a UV light to your HVAC system: 


When your system is filled with microbiomes, it can lead to the system not working as well as it should. Especially if the system has not had a regular tune-up, there can be a build up of debris that can clog the system’s coils. When this happens, it can make it harder for the system to push clean air out into your home. 

When you have a UV light to the system, it will kill those airborne particles on site, preventing any nasty build-up in the system. It will also prevent any clogged coil or air ducts in the process, which will then increase the efficiency of the AC. When the system is free from bacteria and germs, it will also make repairs or damages less likely. 

To further aid in making sure your system is efficient, we recommend having a maintenance plan. Our Chill Preventative Maintenance Plan  offers homeowners many benefits. 


Odors coming from your HVAC system are never good. These odors can be caused by many things, but usually it comes from bacteria within the system, ducts and filters. When bacteria gets trapped, over time it begins to cause a foul odor that can fill your home. It can also be caused by certain bacteria such as mold. When mold is in your ducts ro system, it will not only cause a smelly odor, but it can actually make you sick. It is important to make note of any unusual smells coming from your system and get it looked at by a professional. Our experts at The Chill Brothers will thoroughly look at the system and identify what is the cause of odors. We service many areas including HVAC repair Tomball. 

 By using a UV light, it will help get rid of these smells as it will kill the bacteria before it gets a chance to get into your home’s air. The light itself breaks down the compounds of the germs and bacteria that cause odors and creates fresh air for your home. 

Decrease Chance of Sickness 

Do you or your family members suffer from allergies or tend to get sick easily? Installing a UV light to your HVAC system could be the answer! The bacteria within the air could be the cause of many allergy symptoms such as watery eyes, headaches, cough and more. The UV light will destroy all the allergen particles leaving you and your family sick free. 

There is a reason that hospitals use UV lights; to kill harmful bacteria and to keep people safe. You can expect hospital grade air when you add a UV light to your HVAC system. 

Aside from UV lights, we offer other products to help remove germs and bacteria from your system including Air Cleaners and Air Scrubbers. To learn more, view our website or give us a call today! 

If you are noticing any smells or sickness that you think may be coming from your system, it may be a good idea to install a UV light. It will not only help with allergies, but it will create the cleanest air possible in your home. Give the professionals at The Chill Brothers a call to upgrade your air quality! 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.1 Where Does the UV Light Go?

A. The best places for a UV light is within the ductwork and the coils. This is where most bacteria accumulates. 

Q.2 Does Changing your Home’s Air Filters Help the Air Quality?

A. Yes! Changing the air filter regularly will help with air quality. However, the air filter just traps the bacteria and debris while the UV light will destroy it. It is recommended to have a UV light and change the air filter as directed for best air quality. 

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