Tips to Protect Your Air Conditioner During Hurricane
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4 Foolproof Tips to Protect Your Air Conditioner During Hurricane

Stay prepared with our guide on ‘Using Your Air Conditioner During Hurricane’. Tips to ensure safety and maintain cooling during severe weather!

Whether preparing for an upcoming hurricane season or wondering what you can do to be better prepared the next time a storm hits, turning your attention to the air conditioner is very important. You could expose the unit to severe damage or destruction without proper preparation. Learn how to protect your air conditioner during this type of storm.

What Should I Do Before a Hurricane Hits?

The steps to take depend upon how much time you have to prepare. If you’re thinking ahead, you could schedule an appointment to have the air conditioner serviced and checked out for any problems. Individuals who are subscribers of the Chill Maintenance Plan could schedule an appointment before hurricane season. Doing so can take care of any issues that a storm could exacerbate.

When it comes to a window air conditioner during hurricane season, consider removing the unit for the storm so that you can close the window entirely. You need to turn off the air conditioner before the storm. If your home could be dangerously warm without air conditioning and you have the time to leave the area, pack a bag to stay out of town for a few nights.

Should I Turn off My Air Conditioning during a Hurricane?

The answer will vary depending on the storm and your location in the storm. Sometimes the power may go out, which will turn your AC off. To avoid dealing with hot temperatures inside the house when the power is out, it’s recommended to lower the temperature beforehand. By cooling the house to a lower temperature than you usually would, your home will have more time to stay calm if the power goes out.

Furthermore, removing window units can be a safe idea. The strong winds of a hurricane are damaging and sometimes even deadly. A mighty wind force could turn a window air conditioning unit into a flying object, leading to fatal results. You should unplug the air conditioner if you cannot take the unit out of the window before the storm starts.

While the air conditioner could still be damaged in the storm, you can reduce the risk of electrical issues to the rest of your house if the unit is unplugged.

How Can I Protect My Air Conditioner During a Hurricane?

One way to protect your air conditioner during the storm is to be proactive with maintenance and upkeep. In other words, an air conditioner with problems may be more susceptible to further damage during a hurricane.

Before the storm hits, consider all debris away from the unit to keep leaves, rocks, and more from damaging the unit with the high wind. Another option is to raise your A/C unit off the ground, if not already on an elevated surface. We recommend calling only an HVAC professional to complete this task.

Although this will help to flood, if lifted incorrectly or too high, you may damage refrigerant lines which is a costly fix.
If your power does cut out, consider covering your unit with a tarp or cover to keep out debris.

Ensure that the covering is tied tightly and will not be blown off by the high-speed winds. Ensure that you have turned off your power to your system to avoid it turning back on later with the covering on it.

What Should I Do After a Hurricane Passes?

While you might be eager to get the air conditioner back on and resume your regular activities, you also need to ensure that doing so is safe. Call the Chill Brothers for repair if you suspect the air conditioner has been damaged.

Check for any damage that may have occurred during the storm. If you see that there is damage, please call The Chill Brothers repair company, which offers emergency services and will assess the damage and the next steps you should take.. You can schedule an appointment for ac repair in Cypress to get the unit checked out for damage.

Meeting with the professionals for air conditioner repair and maintenance can also lead you to learn about options for better upkeep of your unit. For example, you might decide to sign up for a regular maintenance plan, or you may recognize that the time has come to get an entirely new unit with upgraded features installed.

When a hurricane is on the horizon, you have a lot of tasks to deal with. One of those tasks involves taking steps to protect your air conditioner. Doing so can save you from a bigger hassle in the long run. The Chill Brothers can help prepare for a hurricane, and the company can also provide maintenance plans, repairs, and upgrades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I protect my air conditioner outside?

A. Cover your HVAC system with a tarp that can withstand severe winds to protect it from water and debris. If severe winds arise, cover the outdoor air conditioner unit or place a metal or plywood cage over it to protect it from flying debris.

Q. Can you cover an air conditioning unit?

A. It depends on the type of air conditioning unit, the size of the unit, and its location in your home. Some units cannot be covered, but other units can be covered with tarps. Covering an air conditioner prevents dust from entering and the unit from being damaged.

Q. How do I cover my indoor air conditioner?

A. Yes, it is possible to cover your indoor ac unit.AC covers come to the rescue, made of tough fabric; these covers prevent water damage and prepare your cooling unit for the summer.

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