Introducing Chill Brother of the Month: Braulio Manuel
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Chill Brother of the Month: Braulio Manuel Jun 1
by Macy

Introducing Chill Brother of the Month: Braulio Manuel Cuevas

Chill Brother of the Month: Braulio Manuel, Discover his inspiring story and how he embraces a chill lifestyle.

We would like to recognize Braulio Manuel Cuevas, Assistant Territory Manager as Chill Brother of the month! Braulio enjoys movies and being able to help train and mentor his team and The Chill Brothers. Take a deep dive into who Braulio is and his role within the company: 

What is your daily routine?

“I wake up around 6, organize for the day, set up for the office and make sure everything is organized for the team. Once I get to work, I usually train with someone in the morning with whoever needs it. I assist with goal setting, and other forms of training. It gets me excited to help them out. My role is to help support Mike and I run the office.

We make sure the office runs as smoothly as possible and to train our reps to make sure they are as successful as possible.”

What do you love about working with The Chill Brothers?

“What I love about working with The Chill Brothers is that it feels like a family. I have become close with everyone here. I love all the Chill Brothers and Sisters. They have taught me a lot but they also hold me accountable so I can become the best version of myself.”

What motivates you?

“A lot motivates me. I have a lot to work for. I have a beautiful boy here on the way, which definitely motivates the immediate. But, it wasn’t always like that. I have always had a strong drive before finding out I was having a beautiful boy, his name is Santiago Cuevas by the way. The biggest motivator is “I can”.

I am fully capable of making a significant amount of money that will take care of my immediate family, but to also have generational wealth for anyone and everyone around me who I love. My parents came here from different countries.

My mom came here from a war torn country, on a boat. She almost died, she had lead dropped on her head from an airplane in a civil war to give me a better life. So, for me to not maximize my potential would be a disgrace. And if I didn’t make all the money that I can to take care of those people, it would be no other reason than I was too lazy. Because of that, it is the ultimate driver for me.” 

What have you learned from working with The Chill Brothers? 

“The biggest thing I have learned from working with The Chill Brothers is to take accountability for your life. My favorite thing is that I am able to take accountability for all aspects of my life, which means I have control. The Chill Brothers taught me how to think differently, and look at things in a different perspective. I’ve had the most success here than I have had anywhere else. 

What do you do in your free time?

“If it’s not self educating, or working with somebody, it might be a movie. Movies are one of my favorite things, so I work towards getting my dream movie theater in my dream home one day.” 

What is your favorite memory with The Chill Brothers?

“My favorite memory was when Deanna Embree and Jason were at our North Loop location and Deanna announced to me that I was being protected to ATL. I put in a lot of work and Deanna did my interview and was an immediate mentor. Jason was also my mentor at the time so having both of them announce my promotion was definitely my favorite moment.“

What advice do you have for someone starting in sales?

“My biggest advice is keep betting on yourself. No matter how hard it gets, just keep going. If you are doing the consistent right actions, just keep going. You are limitless, your potential knows no limits.”

Why should people work for The Chill Brothers?

“It’s an absolute, amazing community that is filled with positivity and people striving to become better versions of themselves. If you want change in your life, or advice from people who have become successful, you should work with The Chill Brothers. The people here genuinely care and want to see you succeed.”

Interested in learning more about Braulio? Check out the full video

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