Best Ways to Recycle Your Old Air Conditioner in 2023
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AC Repair and Maintenance in The Woodlands Sep 9
by Macy

Best Ways to Recycle your Old Air Conditioner

Discover eco-friendly solutions with ‘Recycle Your Old Air Conditioner’. Our guide provides easy steps for green disposal and replacement!

It’s hot outside, and you’re sweating bullets. Your air conditioner is no longer working, leaving your home to bake in the summer heat. Your air conditioner is old and inefficient, and you’re wondering if recycling it is a good option. Throwing out your old air conditioner is wrong and bad for the environment. Technically, an air conditioner contains a cooling refrigerant that contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer.

So, if you want to conserve the environment, don’t throw it away the next time your air conditioner fails. Instead, you can recycle it to ensure it doesn’t end up in landfills.

How to dispose of an air conditioner

Most air conditioners contain harmful, illegal refrigerants. Consequently, throwing out an air conditioner with the rest of your trash is unlawful. Your local government agency that oversees waste management will have special instructions for you. If not, you will be required to take the air conditioner to a hazardous waste disposal center.

The old air conditioner’s panels and doors need to be removed as a first step. It’s quick, easy, and doesn’t require much effort. Small animals can quickly access your air conditioner and get trapped inside.

The refrigerant from your previous air conditioner must be removed as the second item you must do. As you will be working with environmentally dangerous material, it would be beneficial if you had a professional for this phase. You can hire a professional or call the government agency that oversees waste management and ask for assistance.

Separate any tanks, pipes, and tubes from your old air conditioner. Remember, these separate items are all recyclable. You should store these parts in a hazardous waste disposal center or a different location. You can find a waste disposal center online or by contacting your local government agency.

Where to dispose of old air conditioners

You can begin by contacting your power company. They offer an incentive to get old air conditioners recycled. Often, they will pick up the old air conditioner for you on a no-cost basis. Many of the newer energy-efficient models are more environmentally friendly than their predecessors. 

In addition to your power company, local government agencies also help you recycle old air conditioners. You can ask about federal and state programs in your area. Or you can contact an air conditioning contractor and ask for their assistance recycling old air conditioners.

HVAC companies offer a service to help you dispose of your old AC. A residential HVAC company will provide you with the proper information and take care of the entire process on their end.

Is using an old air conditioner safe?

Using an old air conditioner can pose serious issues for your health and the device’s efficiency. Old air conditioners don’t function at their total capacity. Over time, mold, bacteria, and other microbes grow inside your air conditioning system. If your air conditioner malfunctions, you risk inhaling these harmful substances and breathing them in. Further, if you inhale these substances after your air conditioner stops working, you could develop respiratory issues.

The efficiency of your air conditioner will decline over time. The older your air conditioner, the more inefficient it will become. This means your energy usage will soar, and your electric bill will increase. Conservation of energy and a reduced electric bill are two reasons recycling your old air conditioner is cost-effective. Extreme temperatures cause the refrigerant to boil, resulting in the release of toxic chemicals. Breathing these chemicals can lead to health issues such as cancer. These chemicals are even understood as volatile organic compounds.

Even though the purification technology has become more efficient, the refrigerant still contributes to global warming. An old air conditioner has heightened greenhouse gas emissions which is dangerous for the environment. Following these considerations, it is wise to recycle an old air conditioner once you detect it is not functioning correctly. Chill Brothers is an efficient company with a reputation for AC repair in Spring, Texas.

Because using an old air conditioner can be so dangerous, there are a few other remedies to consider if your air conditioner starts wearing down. Chill Brothers is a company that offers quality installation, repair, and maintenance services for your HVAC system. Chill Brothers provides these services for commercial, residential, and industrial locations.

Chill Brothers guarantees precision and efficiency. Chill Brothers is the premier provider of HVAC services in their area. From installation to repair, Chill Brothers can assist you with all your HVAC needs. With reliable HVAC diagnostics and maintenance services, Chill Brothers will ensure your air conditioner runs at peak efficiency and will serve you for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is the average life of an air conditioner?
A. While every unit is unique, and every homeowner has a different idea of when their central air conditioner is irreparably damaged, it’s fair to say that, with the proper maintenance and care, you can expect a new high-efficiency air conditioning system to provide you with 15 to 20 years of cooling.

Q2. How can you determine whether you need a new central air conditioner?
A. With regular care, most AC units survive around 20 years. It could be a while to consider a replacement if your unit is that old or even older. Your house warranty might be able to pay for the repair or replacement of your old HVAC system if something breaks in it.

Q3. Is it OK to use an old air conditioner?
A. People with bronchitis, asthma or other respiratory conditions may be at risk from old air conditioning machines. An individual with a past illness is more likely to develop a lung infection or experience a strong reaction to the poisons and bacteria in their old system.

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