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energy-efficient air conditioner Jun 10
by Deanna

How To Reduce Energy Bills With An Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

Energy-efficient air conditioners help you keep home energy costs down. For example, investing in a Lennox air conditioner may be an expense at first, but it pays off quickly because of the money it saves you on your home utility bills. In addition to the financial benefits that come with a new AC unit, you’ll also be protecting the environment by using fewer fossil fuels to keep your residence cool throughout the season.

Increase the Energy-Efficiency of Your Home Easily with a New AC

When shopping for a new air conditioner, there are things that you can do to boost its energy efficiency. To help you be aware of them, we’ve created a short guide that you can reference whenever you need advice on the subject.

Some of the things you can expect to receive from an energy-efficient air conditioner include:

An EnerGuide Label. 

If you purchase a window unit for your home, it automatically comes with a label explaining how much energy the unit uses. You can refer to it to see if it’s the right option for you based on how much consumption you’re hoping to reduce in your household.

The Energy Star Symbol. 

Any unit with this label uses 10 percent less energy than the average air conditioner. You can narrow your options to only ACs that have EnerGuide labels and Energy Star symbols. That way, you’re aware of exactly how much energy you’re using at all times.

The Warranty. 

Some units offer a longer manufacturer’s warranty. Consider investing in an energy-efficient model that has a warranty lasting several years because if a part fails prematurely, you’re able to get it fixed in no time at all. Best of all, it won’t be an out-of-pocket cost for you.

Programmable Temperature Options. 

Setting the digital thermostat to your preferred temperature is ideal. Once the AC unit reaches the temp, it shuts off, providing you with a great amount of energy savings. You don’t waste electricity or money running it unnecessarily.

Energy-Saving Mode. 

Many window units come with this option. It shuts the fan off after reaching your desired temperature. Then, if the air inside the room becomes hotter, the fan switches back on without you needing to do anything to the machine.

A SMART Thermostat

Creating custom cooling schedules is ideal, especially if you spend time outside the home. You can choose when to start the thermostat from the convenience of your phone or tablet. That means that you can have your house cool by the time you arrive home without wasting energy running the AC unit all day.

There are many compelling reasons to invest in an energy-efficient air conditioner. As long as you’re willing to have regular air conditioner tune-up and air conditioner repair work done, you’ll always have a working unit to rely on. When it comes to comfort and reliability, you’ll never return home to find out that the air conditioner failed, and your house is hot and humid as a result of it. Instead, you’ll be able to control the temperatures indoors no matter how sweltering hot it is outdoors.

Let Chill Brothers Help Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Ready to boost the energy efficiency of your home today? Contact Chill Brothers with your request for assistance. We can help you choose the perfect air conditioner to meet your needs and budget. We offer AC installation services that save you time, money, and effort. All you need to do to keep your house cool throughout the summer is invest in routine air conditioner tune-up services as a form of preventative maintenance.

Let us know what we can do to assist you with your new Lennox air conditioner. We pride ourselves on being the best AC service Spring TX has to offer. We’ll show you why people always have good things to say about our services. We feel a great sense of pride in taking good care of our customers, especially during the hottest days of summer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the benefit of Energy Star appliances?

A. Any unit with this label uses 10 percent less energy than the average air conditioner. You can narrow your options to only ACs that have EnerGuide labels and Energy Star symbols. That way, you’re aware of exactly how much energy you’re using at all times.

Q. How much does it cost to have an air conditioner fitted in your house?

A. The price of air conditioner installation depends on a number of factors. The main factors are the size of the house and the type of air conditioner. Generally, the cost is between $300 – $8000.

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